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Google is a Hetalia fan(girl). It's official.



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Latvia, Hetalia<---- Cutie alert 12/10 would snuggle

I'm repinning this because of the factual error. America wasn't England's son. He was his brother. But he's not anymore, he made sure of that during the Revolutionary War.

Hetalia. :)

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Liechtenstein, Hetalia Awww~ Look at that cutiepie~!

Hahaha... well I think people go a bit over bored with the whole 'dark' thing, seeing as they make Oliver a cannibal, but I can see him snapping and going yandere/yangire if you piss him off... as well as poisoning his food purposely.

Matthew with his Canada Day gifts from his family (Alfred, Arthur, and Francis). Trust those guys to do something like this, though :P - Art by アミカー on Tegaki