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Woman, Roman bust (marble), 2nd century AD, (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York).

(c. 65-100 CE) Elderly Roman Woman

Raffaelo Monti (1818 – 1881)

Bust of Emperor Commodus Unknown Roman, A.D. 180 - 185 Marble The Getty Villa Malibu Museum

Woman with the hairstyle worn by the first Roman empress: Livia. Roman bust (marble), ca 1st century BCE - 1st century CE, (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston).

Even back in the day Italian women were beautiful Bust of a Roman woman, 1st c CE

Matidia, ca. 148, Musei Capitolini, Roma, MC0440 (Photo: Museum Website)

57. Nero Was the fifth and last Roman Emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. Nero was the adopted son of his grand-uncle Claudius. He became emperor on 13 October 54, after Claudius died. Claudius was probably assassinated by Nero's mother Agrippina the Younger. Agrippina had motive in ensuring the succession of Nero before Britannicus (Claudius' natural son) could gain power.

Limestone Bust from a Funerary Relief Egypt, mid-2nd century A.D. H. (preserved): 31.0 cm (12 3/16) Gift of Frederick Stafford, 60.14 This architectonic relief shows a woman with her hair parted in the middle, swept back from her face and falling in long spirals down her shoulders. She wears a V-necked stola, earrings, a necklace, and offers a hint of a smile. Such idealized portraits, characteristic of funerary art in Roman Egypt, are known mainly from Alexandria and its surrounds.

Togated statue. Detail. Re-worked head is a cast of portrait of Nerva. Marble. 1st century. Inv. No. 2286. Rome, Vatican Museums, Chiaramonti, New wing. Photo by S. Sosnovskiy.