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Avar Treasure Belt Fittings, 700s Avar; Found in Vrap, eastern Albania Gold

Hair pins based on a find from Finsbury Circus that has been dated to the 14th century. It has probably been used to fasten hair or a headdress. It is described in Egan and Pritchard’s Dress Accessories (one of the Museum of London books)


Aquamanile in the Form of Aristotle and Phyllis, late 14th century South Lowlands Copper alloy


Saddle (gser sga) | Tibetan | The Met

Gold ring, the long oval bezel set with a cornelian intaglio bust of Mercury, with a wing in his curly hair, neckline draped, facing in profile towards the left. Ring and intaglio Roman, 1st century A.D


OXUS TREASURE - Gold ornament, possibly an aigrette, representing on the front a recumbent lion-griffin with bent legs. Achaemenid 5thC BC-4thC BC. © The Trustees of the British Museum | The Oxus treasure is a collection of about 180 surviving pieces of metalwork in gold and silver, the majority rather small, plus perhaps about 200 coins, from the Achaemenid Persian period which were found by the Oxus river about 1877-1880.


Yoruba culture Brass measuring spoon and brass standard weight for gold dust trade from Muntkidy blog

Disk Brooch Date: ca. 600 Culture: Langobardic Medium: Gold, Worked in repoussé with twisted wire and filigree

Rhyton terminating in the forepart of a wild cat | Gilded silver | Iran, between 1st century b.c.–1st century a.d. ----------------------------------------------- Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


The rock carved tombs of Mada’in Saleh in Saudi Arabia (by Eric Lafforgue).