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Minifee/MSD Slim Gothic Girl Outfit

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venecja outfit for MSD Minifee

venecja outfit for MSD Minifee by venecja on Etsy

new girl bjd celine minifee

Outfit for Minifee dolls

Outfit for Minifee dolls. por Kosucas en Etsy

My two girls come home :) !!!! I'm so happy I love them Tan minifee Chloe and Celine

Kitty Dress for SD / MSD Girl BJD by MoriTime on Etsy, $45.00

♥ My new girl ♥ | [Iplehouse KID Irene] She is a little shorter than Soa and my MiniFee girls, and she looks much less mature (body and face wise) so it's great to have someone a little different from the rest of my MSD resin family... ♥

My sweet girls are finish :) Tan Minifee Celine and Chloe :)

OOAK Special Outfits No.2 for Narae/Unoa

venecja outfit for SD BJD 65-70cm

venecja outfit for SD BJD 6570cm by venecja on Etsy, $95.00