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Naruto - Hashirama Senju x Madara Uchiha - HashiMada

Hashirama and Madara. Is Madara leaving? Why don't they sleep in the same room ^^ #hashirama #madara

#goshiki #tendou #hq

Madara and Hashirama

Madara and Hashirama

Madara Uchiha

They...are so cute together (has fangirl attack and collapses under all the cuteness)!

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@huriwake 10月21日分の今日の柱マダ

make-a-guess: “+ イタチ + | Luke [pixiv] Posted with permission. All the credit goes to wonderful artist/author, not me. Thus, please do not edit/repost this article without permission. ”

Boruto, Sadara, Mitsuki