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Message in a Bottle ST:VOY s4e14 - The Doc is sent home to the Alpha Quadrant through an alien communications relay, to tell starfleet the crew of Voyager are alive and well after 4 years stranded in space without any contact with home.

B'Elanna has a lot of anger, but also grows a lot over the series.

Young, Projected Old and Actually Aged.

Tuvix played by Tom Wright ---Now there's a creature with a right to have Bipolar disorder or schizophrenia one(for those who don't know he's a mix of Neelix and Tuvok)

USS Enterprise NCC-1701

Seven & The childrens

Hey @Katie Swanson: Tony could be One.

Clips from Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise and the new Star Trek Movie of the catch phrase, "I'm a Doctor, not a..." To hear Dr. McCoy say the iconic phrase, go to

Even the captain needs some cake.

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