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One of my favorite lunch. Salmon row.(^O^)/

salmon with Scallops.

3 colors bowl at Sushi shop. Salmon,Tuna& crab.

Sukiyaki. thin slices of beef cooked with vegetables at the table in soy sauce, sake and sugar.

Japanese food call Osechi.

This is Hiyasomen which is cold noodles we usually eat summer time.

Takoyaki, a snack with octopus in it, is very popular in the Kansai area.

When you go out to eat, Izakaya, where people can easily enjoy Japanese dishes including everything from "yakitori" (roast chicken) to "yakisoba" (chow mein), for reasonable prices while drinking, are popular among foreigners.

The most favored winter dish is nabe ryori, where many things are cooked together in a large pot and shared with others