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Hoping to make you smile ~ adding to your Richard giggling pins :) @gpg44 ♡

Thorin would rock a modern outfit like this...

Drawn by sey ... Kili: Look, I’m as tall as you, Daddy! Thorin: I told you already, I’m not your… Fili: And look, Daddy, I’m as strong as you! Thorin: I am not… Fili and Kili: We love you, Daddy! Thorin: I… Well… I love you too, my boys. ... So cute! Kili, dwarf, The Hobbit, Tolkien, Fili, Thorin Oakenshield

Richard got Orcrist as a gift. He's so cute! <- He's so excited it's so sweet.

At first glance I was like, "Awww! Look at Richard Armitage taking a picture with two young fans." I then clicked on the picture and I'm like, "By my beard, it's Martin Freeman and Elijah Wood!" Haha.

Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield: The Man, The Myth, The Mystery, The Magnificence! 12/29/11 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #90)


gif of " Bad the Rebelman" behind the scenes of the Hobbit. Bard the Bowman played by Luke Evans

Eheheheheh awww goo Thorin go Thorin go. Richard Armitage as Thorin