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Hoping to make you smile ~ adding to your Richard giggling pins :) @gpg44 ♡

Thorin would rock a modern outfit like this...

Drawn by sey ... Kili: Look, I’m as tall as you, Daddy! Thorin: I told you already, I’m not your… Fili: And look, Daddy, I’m as strong as you! Thorin: I am not… Fili and Kili: We love you, Daddy! Thorin: I… Well… I love you too, my boys. ... So cute! Kili, dwarf, The Hobbit, Tolkien, Fili, Thorin Oakenshield

Thorin so handsome. Beorn's home.

"She thinks I'm reckless." Honestly, dwarves aren't supposed to be this attractive, but I'm really glad he is.

Richard got Orcrist as a gift. He's so cute! <- He's so excited it's so sweet.

Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage, and Elijah Wood

Eheheheheh awww goo Thorin go Thorin go. Richard Armitage as Thorin

Guy of Gisbourne (Armitage) OMG ♥♥♥♥


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