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Tiger 金虎 Warring States period (475–221 BCE)

特別展「始皇帝と大兵馬俑」が東京国立博物館で開催 - 兵馬俑の軍団を圧巻のスケールで再現の写真2

A very rare grey jade 'chi' dragon openwork plaque, Warring States Period-Han Dynasty

bak choi jade in China

lich-tung: ancientpeoples: Jade figure of a Dragon 5th Century BC - 4th Century BC Zhou Dynasty (Source: The British Museum)

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China, Dragon Plaque Pendant, Warring States Period, 475-221 BCE. Jade

Seishi Bosatsu Zazō (Statue of Seishi Bosatsu in a Seated Posture, Important…

Jades of the Shang (18th–12th century BC), Zhou (1111–255 BC), and Han (206 BC–AD 220) dynasties are increasingly embellished with animal and other decorative motifs characteristic of those times, and craftsmen developed great skill in detailed small relief work in objects such as the belt-hooks that became part of elite costume. In later periods ancient jade shapes, shapes derived from bronze sacrificial vessels, and motifs of painting were used, essentially to demonstrate the craftsman's…

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