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A gold and silver-inlaid bronze ornament, Warring States period

China - Jade Configuration of Dragon, Bird, and Snake, 4th-3rd century BC Zhou dynasty, Warring States period

2014年8月 - ~窓をあけよう☆~

China, Plaque Ornament of a Serpentine Tiger with Spiral Tail, a Bear, and a Feng Bird, Han Dynasty, 206 BCE - 220 CE. Jade


特別展「始皇帝と大兵馬俑」が大阪・国立国際美術館で開催 - 兵馬俑の軍団を圧巻のスケールで再現 - 写真2

特別展「始皇帝と大兵馬俑」が東京国立博物館で開催 - 兵馬俑の軍団を圧巻のスケールで再現の写真2

Hand carved Jade Butterflies

A bronze ritual vessel “He” (water or wine container), Qin dynasty.

Hongshan culture (4700 to 3000 BCE) blossomed in what is now the Liaoning Province of the North East China and the eastern areas of Inner Mongolia. These artifacts are made of jade ( whose hardness on the Mohs scale is 7.00-similar to quartz, superior to pocketknife- 5.1; knife blades or window glass plates- 5.5 and close to hardened steel-7.5-8.00!!!)