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Heguru - Лелеяние умы и полного развития правого полушария мозга

Heguru – Nurturing minds and fully developing the right brain

teaching sight math

Happy times at Heguru

This month marks our 10th month at Heguru Education. We’ve enjoyed every class and the myriad of activities provided many happy and often funny moments with the children. While on the way to Heguru.. Me: Lauren, today mummy goes to class with Georgia and you go with Amor (our helper), okay? Lauren: Mmmm mummy, can …


Heguru Method - Genius In Action - Carlsson Huang (6 years old) - YouTube

MishMashMess: Review: Activities at Heguru and how to conduct home practice

The Bub in the Belly: Shichida and Heguru - the fundamental differences

Right brain training with G – Peg memory 41-50 (Printable)

Right brain training with G – Peg memory 41-50 (Printable) | mummyshymz