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Photograph by David Rose. Tree Sculpture made entirely from machine guns, grenade launchers and pistols

Staircase in Winter Palace in St. Petersburg (from

Amazing Military Aircraft and Weapons Pictures and Images


Top 10 Photojournalists

Philip Jones Griffiths Vietnam War Photo his first picture

Mary Worth Wadsworth, IL Accord to legend, Mary Worth was a notorious witch who lived on a farm west of Gurnee in Lake County in the mid-1800s. Prior to the Civil War, she would capture runaway slaves and torture them in her barn. Outraged locals took the law into their own hands and burned her to death. Some say her bones were buried in St. Patrick’s Cemetery, but others say they were buried on her farm. Years later, a house was built over the foundation of the former barn. The family who…


The Most Powerful Images Of World War I

Portraits of German prisoners. | The Most Powerful Images Of World War I


Early 1900s color photos look like literal dreams

Early 1900s color photos look like literal dreams 1915 "Mrs. Warburg."


The TIME Vault: 1955

Frank Scherschel—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images An abandoned German machine gun, France, June 1944


The TIME Vault: 1955

Unpublished. An American holds a wounded Japanese boy in an airplane on Saipan as they await a flight to the nearest field hospital in 1944.

An American soldier guards German POWs alongside a road. Note that his sidearm is a captured German P.38 9mm pistol, a nonstandard caliber not in U.S. service at the time.