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I am a Luna Child, Born of night's own tender womb. Kissed by light and freed by darkness, my kin fly high across the glittering sky. Bats and owls, moths and witches, We are all children of the moon. Blessed with wisdom hinged on madness, our North star shines from within. - Silver Apple Society

This is who I try to be for my friends I'm both the sun and the moon.

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Cancer is a moon child ☆

Air .. the breath of life Air is vital to human survival. Without air, we would perish. Air is the power of movement; of freshening and of intelligence. It's the invisible and yet quite real mixture of gases that we breathe in every day. In magickal terms, Air is also the power of the mind: the force of intellect. Go to a place with clean air and breathe deeply. Touch a feather. Inhale the fragrance of a heavily scented flower. Study an intricately patterned leaf.

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