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Mental Illness is taboo in Japan. The recent school shooting highlighted the need for this issue to be discussed.


Six vitamins and supplements men should take

Six vitamins and supplements that every man should take.

Glass: Hiromi Masuda, Japan

Healing Depression The Mind Body Way: Creating Happiness with Meditation, Yoga and Ayurveda

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11 ways to beat depression naturally

11 ways to beat depression naturally How many antidepressant users actually need them? Discover helpful tips to kick depression on your own, ...

Magnesium. A magnesium sleep deficiency causes people to wake up frequently during the night. Other health concerns due to a magnesium deficiency are; constipation, anxiety, irritability, pain, etc (see list below). Affects people with ADHD, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Eating Disorders, Migraines, Obesity and many many others.... Worth reading - can take magnesium baths to replace lost magnesium

The apparent emotion in this is so amazing to me. The subject is obviously sad and lonely, with his head in his hands, hunched over. It's beautiful that someone could portray something that all of us go through in such a beautiful way. My favorite thing is the fact that it is black and white, so nothing is taken away from the emotion. The depression is the focus. @CMS Visual Art

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