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Stop Waiting! 4 Ways to Live in the Moment

Have trouble living in the present moment? Find balance with these 4 Ways to Be Here Now.

動画:足首のバネを再現する電動義足 AMP-Foot 2.0

動画:足首のバネを再現する電動義足 AMP-Foot 2.0 - Engadget Japanese - Reader Request: Building Confidence Beyond Stature. I love this blogger's taste.

土井杏南 60m 室内日本新タイ 日本ジュニア2012

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion: Friday Charm School - How to Sit Like a Lady Part 1

Advice and stories for introverts and extroverts alike on how to appreciate our quiet sides. Featuring essays, videos, interviews, and more.

How to Read Body Language More Effectively

Body language is a huge part of how we communicate with other people. However, most of us only have an intuitive knowledge of non-verbal communication at best. Fortunately, if reading body language doesn't come naturally to you, or if you'd simply like to get better at it, there's a huge body of work that details what the body is really saying.

So here's my problem: I love buying new clothes, but seeing as I only have a year of school and "playtime" left, I really need to stop wasting money on going out clothes, and need to start building up my professional wardrobe. Work clothes are fun too, but they're definitely pricier. Boo.