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.44 caliber Webley British Bulldog pocket-revolver used to assassinate US President Garfield.

bulldog 44 | Belgian British Bulldog, Cal 44 bulldog.

Rare Japanese percussion pistol with three brass/bronze barrels, late Edo period to Meiji period.

Engraved Belgian Double Action Pinfire Belt Revolver Barrel: 4 inch round Gauge: 11 mm Finish: bright Grips: ivory

Brass barreled matchlock pistol. 火縄式短筒 千代丸作 真鍮筒銀象嵌 Antique Gun Hinawatanzutu [Tiyomaru saku] Type: match cord formula firearms inscription : Chiyomaru work length: 42.8Cm gun Height: 24.3CM diameter: 1.3cm

Enfield No. 2 Mk. 1** revolver Find our speedloader now!

Yuri Custom Works... Nasty Samurai Style

Harrington & Richardson Young America Safety Hammer .32 S caliber revolver. Manufactured approximately 1907-1910.

volk tactical apparel | SHORT OPERATION ASSAULT PACK

Webley P and Son Bulldog in .500 (more commonly .442 or .450).