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Offretite. Mont Semiol, Loire, France. FOV=1.5 mm Photo © Volker Betz

Beautiful Stones Stock Photo - Image: 26734750

6.4 Offretite (Hydrated Calcium Potassium Magnesium Aluminum Silicate)

Fluorite (CaF2) Blue Fluorite with Phantom Purple - Macro view of a very small but special fluorite crystal speciment, only 1 1/4" tall, captured through the glass display case. This shows a clear blue outer row of translucent blue cubes grown over an initial purple crystal.from cobalt123

Aurichalcite Hemimorphite Natural Crystal Specimen - China

Offretite, (K2,Ca,Mg)2.5Al5Si13O36·15(H2O) , and Phillipsite, Mont Semiol, Châtelneuf, Loire, France

Himalayan Pink Crystal Cluster

Faujasite Subgroup, Opal Faujasite ( clear Crystals) with Opal (Milkopal)