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Now I'm popping in over here over there I'll be checking in watching always be aware! In the beginning I kept a keen eye on the state of affairs with the new guy! Now I got a new gig let me now if ya dig ain't going home so I better go big! Just got a glance that it came to be then ya get a little surprise!!! It's me<<<love that song op

Very impressive, considering what's happening, and about to happen. Wuss.

—William Afton a.k.a The Purple Guy with his deceased daughter. completed both endings of Sister Location…drained all my tears.

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Purple Guy

Vincent: I am the purple guy not the pink guy!!!! Violet: *stares in horror at clothes* Mike i hate you!!! Mike: pink Friday! Vincent: WHY CANT THERE BE A PURPLE FRIDAY!!!((im violet))

I just love all the Springtrap fanart. It's like the fandom is finally realizing this game is supposed to be horrifying