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Unfortunately, emotional abuse is often minimized or overlooked—even by the person being abused. The aim of emotional abuse is to chip away at your feelings of self-worth and independence. If you’re the victim of emotional abuse, you may feel that there is no way out of the relationship or that without your abusive partner you have nothing. 1.877.701.SAFE

今日の真央ちゃんの画像 | 真央ちゃん大好き!ピノコのつぶやき。あれこれ・・・ fry-rivi madison-55.jpg

The apparent emotion in this is so amazing to me. The subject is obviously sad and lonely, with his head in his hands, hunched over. It's beautiful that someone could portray something that all of us go through in such a beautiful way. My favorite thing is the fact that it is black and white, so nothing is taken away from the emotion. The depression is the focus. @CMS Visual Art

True statement! Hatred is born out of ignorance. *** Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us. And the world will be as one.

glossy mannequin

glossy mannequin

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