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VicoVR is like Kinect for mobile VR

仮想世界,バーチャルリアリティ,Remain Pretty,Pretty Wide,Powered Virtual,Phone Powered,Ar 3D,Mobile Vr,Processing Power


The future of air travel includes giant seatback displays

クールな技術,ハイテクニュース,ユーザーエクスペリエンス,テクノロジー,Technology Bliss,Tech Exciting,Tech Gadjets,Product Experience,Increasingly Embracing


2時間を持ち歩く。 Mini Power

Mini Power

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McDonald's VR goggles: the cases for and against

仮想現実ゴーグル,仮想現実ヘッドセット,食事ボックス,グーグル厚紙,クチュール,Happy Goggles,Vr Goggles,Turns Happy,Smartphone Holder

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Moto G4 Plus review: one step forward, multiple steps back

スマートフォン,Nbsp,アンドロイド,テクノロジー,Moto G4

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Here's one very easy trick to enjoy Vine

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Everybody loves a robot vacuum (except for when you need a regular vacuum)


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Video calls in Brooklyn libraries will put inmates in touch with their families

接続の子供たち,Connects Kids,Knight News,The Knight,Dozen Libraries,Inmate Video,Brooklyn Libraries,Inmates Read,Library Extends

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A new app lets women charge for a night out. Will dating join the on-demand economy?

充電女性,女性の護衛,シグナム回,Dating Join,Paid Dating,Women Charge,Normalize Women,Eat Pay,Dating Service