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Fabric Bleach Designs: Simple And Creative DIY Craft Ideas

Bleach designs needs parents supervision for kids! Wearing your old clothes during your DIY craft working. Materials You’ll Need Bleach gel pen, or pencils and a bottle of bleach; Colored garment,clothes or bag Design steps: 1. Use one colored garment, … Continued

Dyeing with Bleach

fabric printing with bleach/Dyeing fabric with bleach. Applying ordinary household bleach to dark, natural-fiber fabrics, either by spraying or brushing the bleach on flat fabric (Resist-and-spray technique), or by dipping the fabric in it, after protecting part of the surface in some way from contact with the bleach.

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5 paper origami star box More

spray bleach over a doily on a black shirt - cool on the shoulders! My next project sooooo cool....

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Fabric printing with Sharpies

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