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Briken Guitars Custom Jazz Bass

A Carl Thompson...funky in many ways.

Seventy Seven Guitars ALB-MGC

Briken Guitars 4 Telli Bass

Tony Cochran Chalicecaster 2010s To start, Tony Cochran is a cartoon artist. The world of his cartoon character, Agnes, is so artistically remote from the guitars he makes that its hard to believe the same person is behind both projects. Cochran uses steel, brass and other metals to transform vintage guitars into odes to Steampunk. Before becoming the Chalicecaster, this Strat was sleeping in the trunk of an old 1957 cadillac.

Norton Guitars | Sidewinder 4 String Chassis Frame

アコースティックギターMichihiro Matsuda Guitars [ミチヒロ・マツダギターズ]Matsuda headless arched top acoustic electric guitar アメリカで活躍する松田倫宏氏の最新作!新たな音楽や楽器の可能性を提示するニューコンセプトモデル!

Dean Guitars Custom Zone Bass FP

Dean Guitars Custom Zone Bass in Flourecent Pink

YAMAHA LJ66 custom guitar with elaborate inlays.

Rickenbacker’s first electric bass, the 4000 debuted in 1959, boasting sustain-enhancing neck-through construction and with the famous “cresting wave” horn on the upper bass bout.