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Osechi Ryori, #japanese traditional new year #food おせち料理

Japanese box lunch for Hanami

Japanese foods, Osechi

Japanese foods, Osechi

Seven-Herb Rice Soup "Nanakusa gayu" 七草粥 - A traditional simple soup with seven different varieties of herbs, each chosen for their unique health promoting properties, is prepared on the 7th day of January. The soup is meant to let the "overworked" stomach and digestive system rest and bring longevity and health in the new year and can also bring protection from illnesses, and keep away evil spirits in Japan.

簡単おせち 二の重

Japanese festive food for a New Year, Osechi おせち料理

おせち osechi, Japanese cuisine for New Year's Day.

おせち料理 - osechiryori

Kyoto cuisine, Japan

"Osechi" are traditional Japanese New Year foods. The tradition started in the Heian Period (794-1185). | special boxes called Jubako