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Preserved in the ice for 10,000 years: Ginger-haired baby mammoth shows signs of death struggle with lions - or early humans


Cleopatra's underwater palace, Egypt

Frozen Wooly Mammoth Found; Is Gross

Meet Yuka. The carcass of a juvenile woolly mammoth, soft tissues beautifully preserved by the Siberian permafrost. There is evidence that the animal was brought down by apex predators — probably lions — and then poached by another predator, MAN. If the initial findings are confirmed, this will be the first mammoth carcass with preserved soft tissues ever found that bears evidence of interaction with humans. Yuka was about two and a half years old when it perished at least 10,000 years ago.

A fine Greek Pendant ca 3rd century BC

A fine Greek Pendant ca 3rd century BC. In the form of a disk with a raised central boss adorned with filigree and granulation, framed by bands of twisted and plain wire filigree and granulation, joined to a crescent, the tips both terminating in a three-petal rosette above inverted pyramids of granulation, the suspension loop fronted by a two-tiered rosette centered by a granule.

Megantereon Clutridens Taxidermy by smerjeevski

Neanderthal Babies Weaned Early, Fossil Teeth Suggest

Blue Babe

BLUE BABE: North Americas first frozen mummified remains of an ice age steppe bison, the 36,000 year-old mummy named "Blue Babe." The discovery of Blue Babe's mummy has vaulted our knowledge of the ice-age steppe bison to a completely new level, serving as a shiny blue window into the prehistoric past. The display of the mummy is not the actual full-fledged find – Blue's tanned and treated skin has been removed from the carcass and placed on a plaster replica.

Exposition Grounds, World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago

The 1893 World's Columbian Exposition grounds were truly magnificent. Artists & architects followed guidelines: classical Greek style, no taller than 60 ft., & all buildings were to be painted white.

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