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The door is the mouth of the house, its where the house is breathing, let it be clear open and beautiful.

Red door. Shanghai, China - I want to widen this and make it a garage entrance! #dreamcarlife

ガルダ(梵語:गरुड Garuḍa ), phoenix-like bird in hindu / buddhist mythology, on the top of 金閣寺 Kinkaku-ji, Temple du Pavillon d'or) est le nom usuel du temple Rokuon-ji 鹿苑寺 lù yuàn sì (temple du parc aux cerfs), Kyōto 京都 - the formal name of Kinkakuji or Golden pavilion 金閣寺 金阁寺 [Jin1 ge2 si4] as Buddhist temple. 凤凰 鳳凰 : fènghuáng, (cantonais fung⁶wong⁴) ou phénix chinois est un oiseau mythique qui règne sur tous les autres oiseaux.Les mâles feng (鳳), les femelles huang (凰).

2,000 year old door handle On the tomb of the Nanyue King in current Guangzhou, China. by