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Cliff-Hanging Home + Incredible Cantilevered Infinity Pool | Designs & Ideas on Dornob

Look at this underground house in Switzerland.

house in Switzerland. 元カレがこんなおうちを建てたいって模型を作ってくれたなぁ。実際地下のおうちがあるなんて行ってみたいな。

Oceanfront Pool

Villa Amanzi

Villa Amanzi - Phuket, Thailand

古材が似合う筒状の空間 “味のあるもの”で 馴染んだ空間に

The idea of container houses makes me want to buy a cheap acreage outside the city just so I can build one to live in. #architecture #interiordesign

Combine utility room and bathroom 2 to make a small guest room. Turn master closet into bathroom

Tiny river rock house (Serbia Photograph by Irene Becker)

#Arquitetura #Casa

Takachiho Gorge, Japan

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