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My aunt found me floating upside down, reading a book just like everything was normal. Well, for me, it was. "What are you doing?" She screeched from the doorway. I rolled my eyes. "Get down! You freak! Just like your sister. I thought you'd forget about your...abnormality...but you're just like her. A freak!" I turned the page and sighed. My sister, wherever she was, was so lucky.

You are so much more than you have ever imagined. You have everything inside you that you will ever need. You can create anything that your heart desires as long as you are open to the infinite possibilities that the Universe intended for you. ~Angels of Pleiades


Natsumi Hayashi. "Levitating" people pictures. More:

“I embrace my shadow self. Shadows give depth and dimension to my life. I believe in embracing my duality, in learning to let darkness and light, peacefully co-exist, as illumination.” ― Jaeda DeWalt



Fantastic steampunk clock-like system of windows. Would also work in a fantasy setting.

I Am attracting Infinite Abundance into my Life!!!