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The Serbs and the HapsburgsOn July 4th 1914 The Economist published this article in response to the assassination on June 28th of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

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Presidential figures of speech

Daily chart: Presidential figures of speech | The Economist

◇昭和40年11月26日号…〈表紙〉牛歩で抵抗する社会党/衆議院本会議場。 〈グラビア〉国会周辺/全学連と機動隊。都学連のデモ隊を迎えうつ機動隊。 連続審議新記録を作った日韓国会/徹夜が二晩・体力限界、自民党議員と衛視に守られ日韓条約案件の抜き打ち採決をする船田衆院議長。。/ニューヨークの大停電騒ぎ。

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Altared states

Daily chart: Altared states | The Economist

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Weapons of mass distribution

Daily chart: Weapons of mass distribution | The Economist

Gavrilo Princip was the person the assassinated the archduke and his wife. He was apart of a group called the "Black Hand."

France. An elderly woman who fled the warzone with her cow, sits on a bench in Amiens, March 28, 1918 WWI


An Infamous Nazi Concentration Camp Sign Was Stolen This Weekend

An Infamous Nazi Concentration Camp Sign Was Stolen This Weekend A gate bearing the slogan “Arbeit Macht Frei” (Work Sets You Free) was stolen from the infamous Nazi concentration camp Dachau this weekend. Dachau, built in 1933, was the first concentration camp the Nazis created. Over 40,000 people were killed there before it closed in 1945. While the sign may be gone, those who stole it will not erase the memory of those who perished in Dachau.


Digital Cartography [50

Terrorist attacks worldwide 1970-2012

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September 11th Cooperative Learning Timelines Lesson

In this cooperative learning lesson, your class is divided into 7 groups who each put together a timeline for one aspect of 9/11. After each group assembles a minute-by-minute timeline for their event, you lead a PowerPoint of the whole day and each group shares their events.The whole download includes the 7 sets of timelines, a complete one of the whole day, a PowerPoint, the interview assignment, and 4 videos of 9/11.