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Daikoin, Gunma

Yakushi hot spring, Gunma, Japan (in Japanese only)


Rare lunar rainbow appears in Gunma night sky. TAKAYAMA, Gunma Prefecture--A rare lunar rainbow graced the night sky here for the first time in seven years, the Gunma Astronomical Observatory said. Observatory officials said the lunar rainbow emerged around 6:20 p.m. on Oct. 16. It appeared only dim and white to the naked eye, but a camera captured a clearer image of it using a 60 second exposure. - AJW by The Asahi Shimbun

I have high hopes to mimic this, soon, very soon. Japan's only spot to bungee off a bridge, located in Minakami, Gunma (70min bullet train from Tokyo)

Located in the northwest part of the Kanto region, Gunma Prefecture is only a one hour train ride from Tokyo. Description from I searched for this on

A small town beer available only in Gunma and America! #japanesefood #food #sushi #Japan #foodporn #japanese #dinner #lunch #yummy #ramen

Kusatsu Onsen #japan #gunma In Japan you wash rinse outside the tub. Everyone uses the same tub water for soaking only. Onsens are places to enjoy hot springs at inns, hotels ryokans (Japanese traditional inns). Rotenburo are outside hot springs where nature can be enjoyed. Sentos are public bath houses found in residential neighboods. Ofuro is the bath in the home.

Yugama Crater, Mt Shirane, Gunma one of the three crater lakes on the summit of Mt. Shirane! This lake has mysterious emerald green water creating a contrast against the white moon-like surface of the mountains around it. At 1.2pH, the water of Yugama lake is the most acidic in the world.