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Queen Mother of the West, the Taoist goddess who rules over the western paradise. Head of a pantheon of goddesses and female immortals, in her garden, she grows the peaches of immortality for feasts. She is described as having a leopard tail, tiger teeth, a spool-like headdress, sitting on K'un-lun mountain by a sacred tree preparing the elixir of immortality and being accompanied by the jade hare, the three-legged bird, the toad, the nine-tailed fox, and in some accounts, an armed guard.

Minoan Bee Goddess – laden with honey - Mycenae

Pearly Kings and Queens, known as pearlies, are an organized charitable tradition of working class culture in London, England. The practice of wearing clothes decorated with pearl buttons originated in the 19th century. It is first associated with Henry Croft, an orphan street sweeper who collected money for charity. In 1911 an organized pearly society was formed in Finchley, north London.

Zheng- Chinese myth: a five tailed, red leopard with one horn on its head. It lived in the mountains.


The stone peach of immortality, Tiger Spring, Suzhou, China.

梵天-bonten- (brahman) One pillar of the heavens part which is a Buddhistic guardian deity. 東寺(toji)

Brigid, daughter of The Dagda and one of the Great Mother Goddesses of Ireland. Brigit is frequently referenced as having three sister selves with three distinct roles, Lady of Healing Waters, Goddess of the Sacred Flame and Goddess of the Fertile Earth.

The lu shu is a Chinese animal that looks like a horse with a white head, tiger stripes and a red tail. Its call sounds like people singing folk songs.

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