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Artifact Statues of Susa Noblemen doing the Ancient Persian Susian Salute. The right hand bent straight, with the elbow to the waistline and the hand held up sideways. The left hand held in front of the body as the show of respect. This salute was even in use during Achaemenid Era. The Ancient Persian Susian Salute is the oldest Persian Salute. During Achaemenids Era, the salute was given with the hand a bit tilted

Achaemenid Gold Censer Gold, 5th-4th century B.C.E

Queen Ahmes Nefertari with vulture headdress


Mastiff, Date: ca. mid-2nd millennium B.C., Mesopotamia, Kassite culture.

Egypt mtDNA and the Nile Valley ኒለ ቫልለይ Dna DiversitY.. The Maternal Hamito-Semitic.. mtDna Haplogroup L

Queen Ahmose Nefertati

Arrowhead, Neolithic period, ca. 7000–4500 b.c. Egyptian; From the Faiyum area Chert

Seated goddess with a child, Hittite Empire, Old Hittite; 15th–13th century BC, Anatolia, central region, gold

Cosmetic Box of Kemeni Period: Middle Kingdom Dynasty: Dynasty 12 Reign: reign of Amenemhat IV Date: ca. 1814–1805 B.C. Geography: From...

An ancient Greek bronze box mirror with the head of Pan; Pan has a goat's ears and wears a fawn's skin. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)