A Hoysala (S. India Karnataka) sculpture of a Naga couple. Halebidu. (Looks a lot like the Chinese legendary Nuwa-Fuxi??)

A Malabar Pit Viper rests on the shrine of a snake god. Every eyar people worshop these during Naga Panchami, the Indian festival of Snakes

Nagas Mythology

Serpent (symbolism) - Wikipedia

Shi Huang Di Qin Shi Huang 始皇帝 秦始皇 at LOGIA

AZTEC SCULPTURE 14TH CENTURY Tlatecuhile,Lord of the Earth. Limestone. Museo Nacional de Antropologia, Mexico City, Mexico

Lord Brahma: Inspired by Him only, I discover what is already created by Him [Nārāyaṇa] under His vision as the all-pervading Supersoul, and I also am created by Him only. - SB 2.5, The Cause of All Causes

Serpent (symbolism) - Wikipedia

Sente #Kannon (#Guanyin) #Bosatsu Statue, Nanbokucho era (14 century), #Japan

From the Cairo Museum, a stela with Isis (left) and Osiris (right) in snake-form, with the griffin of the goddess Nemesis between them.

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