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A Hoysala (S. India Karnataka) sculpture of a Naga couple. Halebidu. (Looks a lot like the Chinese legendary Nuwa-Fuxi??)

Indian sculpture

Shi Huang Di Qin Shi Huang 始皇帝 秦始皇 at LOGIA

Naga sheltering the meditating Buddha

Naga - an ancient race of semi divine serpent creatures beings first depicted in ancient Vedic Hindu mythology and oral folklore from at least 5000 B.C. They are extremely gifted shape-shifter, able to assume any shape they desire.

Snake Goddess carving in Orissa

Nāga is the Sanskrit and Pāli word for a deity or class of entity or being, taking the form of a very great snake—specifically the King Cobra, found in Hinduism and Buddhism.

Sente #Kannon (#Guanyin) #Bosatsu Statue, Nanbokucho era (14 century), #Japan

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In Hindu mythology, Bhasmasura was an asura or demon who was granted the power that anyone whose head he touched with his hand should burn up and immediately turn into ashes (bhasma). The asura was tricked by the god Vishnu's only female avatar, the enchantress Mohini to turn himself into ashes. This Mohini sculpture is from the Chennakesava Temple complex, Belur.

Lord Brahma: Inspired by Him only, I discover what is already created by Him [Nārāyaṇa] under His vision as the all-pervading Supersoul, and I also am created by Him only. - SB 2.5, The Cause of All Causes