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Shot Breakdown ING MKR Cross-sell Animations (00:03) - Animation + Design (00:30) - Animation + Design 2D/3D Sassy walk cycle - personal work (00:10) - Art Direction, Design, Rigging, Animation, Comp and 2D paintover ING Super Explainer Animations (00:12) - Animation + Design (00:36) - Animation + Design Soap SMG Ident (00:16) - Animation Salarymen Animation (00:18) - Self directed/produced animated short. Created all aspects of the film from pre-production through to post.…

作画 MAD - Sakuga: The Art of Japanese Animators - YouTube


BigHero6 AnimationReel

My contributions to the movie Big Hero 6 from Walt Disney Animation Studios and also my contributions for the promotional materials.For educational purposes only. I'm responsible for all animation except the crowd characters in the bot fighting scene animated by Ala'a Abu Hanish I want to thank as always to all the crew involved on each of this shots, and to the animation supervisors and directors who had a great influence on the final result of these animations. The video clips and…


Benoît Gautier - Animation Reel - 2015

Here's my new animation reel, May 2015. Enjoy! Reel Breakdown List 2015 Shot 01 - Frame 0115 > 0349 : Personnal work, "Animsquad 1st shot", animation with Maya. Character "Jill" provide by animsquad. Shot 02 - Frame 0350> 0415 : Personnal work, "Kong Vault", animation with Maya. Character "Mark" courtesy of Shot 03 - Frame 0416 > 0540 : tv serie "Foot 2 Rue Extrême", property of Tele Image Production, animation with Maya. Shot 04 -…


12 Mesmerizing Disney Pencil GIFs That Will Make You Miss 2D Animation

《迪士尼手稿動圖》感謝這世界上有迪士尼 -

9 Disney GIFs That Prove 2D Animation Is Still Stunning