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Theresia is a painted animation movie, that transforms a series of fotographs taken in a church into an abstract painting. The oval room and the cameramovement within turns into a pictorial space allowing various possibilities of perception. Animation, Music, Sound, Editing: Thomas Steiner

映画の公式,公式選択,Annecy 2014,2014 Short,Short Film

Talented animator Yawen Zheng's graduation work: The Song for Rain

映画の公式,フレンチシネマ,公式選択,Atsushi Wada,Annecy 2014,2014 Short,Project Week,Anomalies,Art Animation

映画の公式,公式選択,Annecy 2014,2014 Short,Short Film

ショートアニメーション,映画の公式,フィゲレタス,時間,ライセンス,男,Motion And Animations,Jean Arnoux,Festival Pictoplasma


PADRE (trailer)

ショートパンツ,父,Santiago 039,Santiago Bou,039 Bou,Gritty Short,Bou Grasso,Film Link,Inspire Animation

Directed by Robert Morgan. A Swartz Can Talk production in association with Lupus Films for Channel 4. Invocation has been commissioned specifically for Random Acts.