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Baron Wakatsuki Reijirō (若槻 禮次郎?, 21 March 1866 – 20 November 1949) was a Japanese politician and the 25th and 28th Prime Minister of Japan. Opposition politicians of the time derogatorily labeled him Usotsuki Reijirō, or "Reijirō the Liar".

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Street cleaner in straw cape and hat. Japan Photos/1945


This Japanese-American grandmother waiting to be moved to an internment camp during World War II.

Asahigraph Vol.29 No.19 cover (November 10, 1937) | feature articles "The Sino Campaign" 16th report. Printed and Published every Wednesday by The Tokyo Asahi Shimbun Publishing Co., Ltd., Tokyo Japan. via #japanesearmy #japanesesoldier #chinaincident #sinojapanesewar #asahigraph

japanese hippies'70~1971

Considered to be the best in the area, Shinagawa Hospital in Tokyo was found to be dirty and disorganized by U.S. Navy and Marine Corps men who liberated Allied patients. Shown are Japanese medical attendants in quarters. September 1945.


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