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東京、1964年12月 Tokyo, December 1964

OLD PHOTOS of JAPAN: 田舎道 1890年代の箱根

Steteco “”  The Steteco was invented in the Meiji era to wear under a kimono or hakama. Even after European-style clothes became mainstream, the Steteco was always in demand in daily life for wearing under trousers or after taking a bath, because it matched the Japanese climate and living environment.Putting on the Steteco after a bath, having a beer in hand, enjoying the evening cool -- in the recent Showa era that was a scene that belonged to summer.


レトロ系 on

駄菓子屋さんで売ってた紙石鹸 。もっと前からあった気もするけど、どうなんでしょ…。女の子は今も昔もピンクが大好き!だから使わなくてもただただ欲しいのね。^^; ☆Pink paper soaps sold at 'dagashi-ya' (mom-and-pop candy stores) Japan, since circa 60's as far as I remember. Girls will always love pink!

early Showa doll


伝説の探偵絵物語 海野十三SF[怪星ガン]弦牧男 少年講談社S32年_画像1