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People of Walmart Part 15 - Pics 7

There aren't the right words to even start to explain this... PEOPLE OF WALMART PART 27 – PICS 14

I am thoroughly embarrassed to admit this, but before kids, my husband and I used to carry our dog in a baby carrier like this too.

People of Walmart Part 2 - Pics 7

15 Most Ridiculous Things You Will See at Walmart-Walmart is a magical place full of anything you could ever need and people you never knew existed. No matter what town you live in -- or state, for that matter -- you are bound to run into the most bizarre people in Walmart, from people wearing sheer leggings to others not even bothering to conceal their private areas. Check out 15 of the most amazing people you will see at Walmart.

People of Walmart Part 25 - Pics 15

People of Walmart Part 10 - Pics 7

Dump A Day Oh Those Wonderful, Wacky, People Of Wal Mart - 58 Pics

People of Walmart Part 15 - Pics 16

The Sass Is Strong With This One

The sass is strong with this one!