Matterhorn, Disneyland by Distraction Limited, via Flickr

The Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland was the world's first steel tubular roller coaster and it paved the future of the modern coasters we love today. American Coaster Enthusiasts have declared it a historical landmark. Hard to believe this photo is over 53 years old!

夜になったらますます幻想的な景色に。どこか別の世界に迷い込んだようです。 Photo by M.T Tokyo Disneyland in the snow

Rainbow Ridge Pack Mules (1955-1973) made way for Big Thunder Mountain. (© 2007 Disney Enterprises, Inc.)



Daisy, Chip, and Dale

Vintage Disneyland: The Monorail zips past the Matterhorn while pre-1965 Skyway buckets glide through it, as viewed from the Alice in Wonderland elevated track.

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