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Borobudur, a Buddhist Monument in Indonesia

Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta - Indonesia

The Palm, Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE. This artificial island is visible from space

Borobudur Temple Compounds

The 1,200-year-old Borobudur temple is home to hundreds of Buddhist statues. Indonesia.

Isodore van Kinsbergen - Dochters van den Sultan van Djokjokarta 1862-1865, Yogyakarta (klik op afbeelding voor meer foto's!)

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Menikmati Harmoni Alam di Ujung Barat Pulau Jawa – Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon

peucang island, indonesia

The Bajau Laut are some of the last true marine nomads. An ethnic group of Malay origin, they have for centuries lived out their lives almost entirely at sea, plying a tract of ocean between Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia. A dwindling number still call the ocean home, living on long boats known as lepa lepa. Traditionally, they fish with nets and lines and are expert free divers, going to improbable depths in search of pearls and sea cucumbers or to hunt with handmade spear guns.

Borobudur – Yogyakartur -Indonesia

Buddha Dhamma: Valor de la Atención Pura para conocer la mente