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ブランドJOY (ジョイ) 2016年 02月号 [雑誌]【楽天ブックス】

きょうのルノアール, koreanmodel: Han Eu Ddeum by Cha Hye Gyung for...



Today's coordinate GU×UNIQLO×しまむら/UNGRID風ヴィンテージ加工クラッシュサルエルデニム/15:00~TIME SALE - SHI'S BASIC STYLE

Today's coordinate GU×UNIQLO×しまむら/UNGRID風ヴィンテージ加工クラッシュサルエルデニム/15:00~TIME SALE…

[ FC:: idk, idc either ] "Hey there! I'm Mizūmi Hareta [ meh-zoo-me har-eh-ta ] and I'm from Japan! I love fashion, and love making clothing! I'm super optimistic! Fuck it. What a crappy charade I'm putting on. I'm Mizūmi, and you'll go away if you were smart. Even if you're a brain-dead dumbass, you'd keep away. Leave me to tumblr, emo bands, and 2005."

journaldelamode: The Fall Collections for Vogue Australia Aug 2012 by Nicole Bentley

菜々緒 Nanao (fashion model & actress) ☆She's the best when playing the role of a meanest girl in office. lol


Kiyohari ♡ She looks like a doll o.o