Bitter Gourd Juice Recipe (Karela Juice) Is a great detox drink and helps people who are diabetic as well. Have it once or twice a week to help detox and cleanse

We live a stress full life amidst busy schedules achieving targets balancing between personal and professional life.Fitness and healthy eating are very important but there are some of the benefits of eating when you are stressed.The only thing to keep in mind is to eat right when it comes to stress-free food.Here we bring you 5- Right Foods To Eat And Fight Stress have a look at this and fight your stress with food. --> #Vegetarian #Recipes

ゴーヤ茶を作ってみた(How to make bitter melon tea)

Have you tried our weekly Meal plans? here's the meal plan for the coming week- it has healthy breakfasts like red rice dosa to great lunches like palak paratha or pav bhaji and filling dinners in the night.Just plan ahead and keep your groceries ready. #Vegetarian #Recipes

Buckwheat or kuttu is mainly used while observing fasts; this is a healthy Buckwheat porridge with delicious mango flavour. It is made creamy and it like almost eating a dessert for breakfast topped with fruits. Recipe by Gauravi. #Vegetarian #Recipes

Did you know you could use your Mason Jars In these 11 ways? #Vegetarian #Recipes

How about making a green flush or healthy fresh juice to detoxify and energise you? This juice contains spinach bottle gourd cucumber ginger and lemon. Include it either in the morning or during the evening once a week. Recipe by Donna. #DetoxifyJuice #Vegetarian #Recipes

Start Your Day with healthy breakfast recipe - "Broken Wheat and Apple Porridge Recipe" a delicious healthy bowl loaded with fiber calcium and essential vitamins.The freshness of cinnamon and fresh fruits along with the crunch of muesli enhances the flavors of the porridge - Recipe by Farrukh. --> #Vegetarian #Recipes

Green Juice For Diabetics - Bitter Melon or BItter Gourd - it's the same thing - Good for you especially if you have diabetes or cancer

Waiting for Meal plan for the coming week? This weeks meal plan has no-repeat meals which will make your life easier - from thatte idli Rajasthani raita and Gajar methi ki sabzi and more. #Vegetarian #Recipes

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