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Merry Christmas! by on @deviantART

There Goes the Sun by Julio-Lacerda on DeviantArt




Spinosaurus walk cycle by on @deviantART

Top 5 prehistoric sea monsters! (Great illustrations/images, but the text is in Japanese)

Fear is for the long winters by Julio-Lacerda on DeviantArt

AFPBB News】(写真追加)「トゲだらけの吸血鬼」のような恐竜から、「シザーハンズ似」の生き物まで、古代の陸や海に生きたさまざまな生物を紹介。



Therizinosaurus was a powerhouse as a dinosaur. With a bushy tail it was more powerful than you think. In a group therizenosaurus could not be easily hunted by it's theropod enemy tarbosaurus. The thing was larger than smaller trees. while a soft fighter it's claws could slash the faces of enemies.

村田雄介 ‏@NEBU_KURO | 羽毛付きT-REXの最新復元図はこちら。

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