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image craftsmanship ♡ delicate to make crowded the sweets is you are introduced in nice ♡ cute

おせち osechi, Japanese cuisine for New Year's Day.

ととろそば <3 (Totoro soba) Soba=buckwheat noodles

Japanese Oden (おでん) Assorted Surimi Fish Cakes Stewed in Soy and Dashi

Hachijo-jima delicious life - Suites Island in June

Sakura soda pop only in Nara, Japan, the colossal Buddha of Nara designed bottle with a written oracle inside, which becomes legible after you drink it up. ☆ご当地限定、奈良の大仏桜サイダー。飲み干すと中のおみくじが読めるらしい~♪

正庵(しょうあん)松屋銀座店 の水まんじゅう「きんぎょ」。Mizu-manjyū (sweets made from kudzu starch/ arrowroot powder) in a ljght syrup titled 'Kingyo' (goldfish) from Shōán, Matsuya Ginza Branch, Tokyo.

鯛茶漬け Japanese rice with sea bream in hot tea /stock soup.