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When I have a woman to buy gifts for I'm definitely getting her this. If that never happens (likely) I will get it for my daughter when she's old enough❤️

pocket knife in the shape of a leaf pendant

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“超瞬間冷却機構内蔵特殊合金の刃で脆性破壊する太刀描いた! ガチガチの装甲すらキンキンに凍結させて破壊するぞ! 切るより凍り付いて粉々になるので刀である必要性が問われているらしい”

Female push dagger on a chain with a crystal.

I like this design and how the handle flares out as well as the jagged design of the sword.

オトナ情報マガジン 圏外Labo

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necklace pocket knifes.

Pocket knife bullet <~ I have one and LOVE it.