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The Regal Centre

Typical Anglo Saxon Burh, a type of fortification that developed to protect towns from other Germanic invaders such as vikings.

Liam Wales - Saxon residence at Portchester, Hampshire

Castle Drawing

The Viking Longhouse of Norway. Only a few Vikings lived in towns. Most of them lived in the countryside in Longhouses. The longhouse had usually one large room. The walls were made of wood, and the roof was covered with turf. You can find Longhouses in several districts in Norway, from south to the north of the country.

新緑廃工場 | たみ。 [pixiv]

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Country living: Buildings in early medieval rural communities

Country living: Buildings in early medieval rural communities | A H Gray

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West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village

East Anglia | View of a typical Anglo Saxon village of the West Stow type (6th century).