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Hygrocybe psittacina (parrot wax cap)

Yellow Unicorn Entoloma (Entoloma murrayi) … aka “Unicorn Pinkgill”, is a species of fungus in the Entolomataceae family. Found in wet forests of eastern North America, Central and South America, and southeast Asia, the fungus produces yellow mushrooms that have a characteristic sharp umbo on the top of the conical cap. A saprobic species, Entoloma murrayi derives nutrients by breaking down organic matter.

キノコの地衣類,信じられないほどのキノコ,幻想的な菌類,閉じます,プリティ·シングス,テクスチャ,植物,Toadstool Mushrooms Art,Mushrooms Fungí

black trumpet mushroom

˚Amanita virgineoides

Phallus luteus is a species of fungus in the stinkhorn family. First described in 1936 as Dictyophora lutea, it was transferred to the genus Phallus in 2009.

Burgundydrop Bonnet - Mycena haematopus

Morning Time in the Redwoods