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Slave images unearthed from the ‘Slavery at Jefferson’s Monticello” exhibit at the Smithsonian

In 1796, Thomas Jefferson appointed Isaac Granger Jefferson as Monticello’s overseer. He was the only enslaved man to rise to that position and to receive ...

Arthur Cooper (1789 - 1853) A fugitive from slavery in Alexandria, Virginia, Cooper arrived in Nantucket with his family in 1820. Two years later, when a bounty hunter came to the island to capture him, Nantucket Quakers came to the family’s defense, thwarting the owner’s efforts to reclaim Arthur Cooper. Cooper worked as a shipping agent on the island and later became the first known minister of the Zion Methodist Episcopal Church.

"Daughter of the world bear"

MLK arrested, Alabama, 1958, by Charles Moore

Jo Ann Robinson (4/17/1912 - 8/29/1992) was a leading organizer in the Montgomery Bus Boycott following the arrest of Rosa Parks. Mrs. Robinson served on the executive board of the Montgomery Improvement Association but otherwise kept a low profile in order to protect her teaching position at Alabama State College which she later resigned in support of student sit-ins. Her memoir, “The Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Women Who Started It,” was published in 1987. #TodayInBlackHistory

His name is Renty, he was born in the Congo, and enslaved on the plantation of B.F. Taylor, in Columbia, South Carolina

Portrait of Goyathlay (One Who Yawns), called Geronimo, Medicine Man, Prophet and Leader, with Medal. Part of Athapascan, Chiricahua and Apache Tribes. Photographer: Delancey W. Gill From the Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of Ethnology: Native American Portrait Photographs, 1907 Collection Care of the Wisconsin Historical Society archives

Map of slavery in USA 1830 Map depicting density of slavery in theUSA in 1830. Shows chief slave states as Virginia, Carolinas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana.

1860 Slaves on a S.C. Plantation. These look like they may be the Magnolia Plantation, just outside of Charleston. If yes, the cabins still stand are available for viewing. It's very moving.

Young Reginald F. Lewis Before TLC Beatrice: The Young Man Before The Billion-Dollar Empire.