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Survival 101

Survival Skills 101 from Backpacker

Backpacker Magazine - The 10 Most Useful Backpacking Knots

Gas mask, Pocket Survival guide

A comprehensive survival skill feature—everything you need to know about self-rescue in the mountains or on the rock.

Trilene Knot | How to tie a Trilene Knot | Fishing Knots


How To: Build an Emergency Fire

How To - Build an emergency fire: I've known how to do this since I was eight - but if you don't already know it's a must have skill.

7 Days of Backpacking Food. How to pack a lot of backpacking food into a small space.

one more Altoid tin hack: make survival kits for each of your vehicles and one for your handbag (dude. you never know.)

How to Tie a Man's Neck Tie

How to Tie a Man's Neck Tie