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My marimba's mallet

Mike Balter Chorale Series Birch Handle Marimba Mallets Aqua Microfiber Soft

Marimba One Katarzyna Mycka KMR3 Medium Hard Rattan Mallets

Kaitlin needs to make these ASAP!!! marimba one katarzyna mycka kmr3 medium hard rattan mallets

Homemade Marimba Mallets

If you know anything about playing percussion (apart from just hitting stuff), you'd know that playing the all-time-best instruments come at a cost. Sticks and mallets are so darn expensive for a ball and a stick. So welcome to my guide on making your own mallets which do sound rather fabulous. I hope you enjoy. (Quick shoutout) RocketScientist, inspiring and impressive. I look up to you, good sir. Steps 2-5: Preparing the Shaft Steps…

Marimba One Wave Wrap WWB3 Medium Birch Mallets

Marimba One Wave Wrap WWB3 Medium Birch Mallets -- $86.95

DHB3 - Medium hard marimba one mallet


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