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Ctenophores, commonly called Comb Jellies or Sea Gooseberries.

Ctenophore (comb jelly) at night in Balearic Sea, Spain

Sea pen

Baby Squid

The Sea Slug Forum - Cyerce elegans


Pelagic Octopus

Napoleó Fish Gran Barrera de Corall (Austràlia)

Janolus cristatus glowing Nudibranch

Melibe leonina (Gould, 1852) The genus Melibe belongs to the Nudibranch suborder Dendronotacea, making it related to the Tritonia's, Doto's and Dendronotus's. Melibe leonina has been dubed the Lion Nudibranch, for obvious reasons. The specific name 'leonina' was chosen because of the African Lion's mane appearance of the oral hood. This modified structure makes Melibe leonina one of the most characteristic members of the Opisthobranchia.