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Phacops rana = Eldredgeops rana Moscow Formation, Erie County, New York

Flexicalymene meeki. 31 mm. Trilobita, Phacopida, Calymenidae. Ordovicien. Mount Orab, Ohio, USA. (550×487)

フィトフィラスピス・ペルガメナ(Phytophilaspis pergamena)

Name: Amecephalus idahoense (Resser, 1939) Order Ptychopariida, Superfamily Ptychoparioidea, Family Alokistocaridae Locality: left: Hansen Canyon, Wellsville Mountains, Utah; middle: Liberty, Idaho; right: Miner's Hollow, Wellsville Mts., Utah Stratigraphy: Spence Shale, Langston Formation, Middle Cambrian


Negative (shadows make it look positive) Witryides rosmerta Order Proetida, Family Proetidae, Subfamily Ditmopyginae Carboniferous, Tounasian Stage (~350 million years ago) Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Trilobite is 25 mm long by 15 mm wide on a 120 mm by 50 mm by 55 mm high (part) and 100 mm by 45 mm by 50 mm high (counterpart) matrix Antoing, Belgium Description: This is an example of the rare Caboniferous proetid trilobite Witryides rosmerta.

最近産出量がめっきり減ったキファスピス(デビルズホーン) Cyphaspis(Devil's Horn)/古生代デボン紀(4億1000万 -- 3億6700万年前)/3cm(本体最長部カーブ計測) / 母岩 5.8cm×4.5cm×1.5cm

Name: Achlysopsis sp. Order Ptychopariida, Suborder Ptychopariina, Superfamily Ptychparioidea, Family Ptychopariidae Locality: Spence Gulch, Liberty Idaho (type locality) Stratigraphy: Langston Formation, Spence Shale Member, Middle Cambrian

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